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TTRA Conference

June 15-17, Porland, OR

Worldwide Hospitality Awards

November 16, Paris, France.

National Restaurant Association

May 16-19, Chicago, IL

Hospitality Investment Conference

May 31-June 2, New York City, NY

Hospitality Design Expo

May 4-6, Las Vegas, NV

HR in Hospitality Conference

March 14-16, Scottsdale, AZ

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Millennium Strategy® is a full service advisory and consulting firm. Our professional hospitality advisory team brings a real-world perspective to enterprise wide operations and development services. Individually and collectively, we have worked every position in the industries we represent. Our experience comes not just from consulting, but from hands-on, boots on the ground, in the trenches experience. Rest assured our team members are qualified and enthusiastic about making a difference in your business.

With over 25 years of experience, Millennium Strategy® is the company with the expertise to help you meet the challenge of today's market including innovative and exciting products, services, programs and workshops for your customers and employees. In addition to advisory and consulting services, professional members work in virtually every aspect of the hotel including operations, food and beverage, sales, marketing, development, finance, and brand business strategy.

The Millennium Strategy Team